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Leather Care

Much like the bull icon that we proudly bear on every one of our creations, the Braun Büffel items that you own are exemplary symbols of strength and dependability. Given the proper care and maintenance, they will maintain their conditions and reward you with years of satisfying usage.

Here are some guidelines from our experts on how to care for your Braun Büffel leather products:



Proper Ventilation

As leather is a natural material, always store your Braun Büffel items in a cool, well-ventilated place. To protect them from dust and scratches, place them inside the soft cloth dust bags that come with the items. Or use soft cotton pillowcases or bags that are equally breathable. Avoid plastic materials or airtight containers as they restrict air flow and trap moisture. Every two to four weeks, take the items out of storage to air them. This will help to keep the leather in healthy condition.

Keep Its Shape

When not using your Braun Büffel bags, fill the inside spaces with the soft tissue paper that come with the items. This helps to retain their shape and structure. You may also use inflatable packaging bags or acid-free paper. Avoid newspaper or magazine pages as the paper and ink may contain acid that is damaging to leather. Also, avoid stacking or cramping the items in storage as these could result in distortion.

Professional Cleaning

Giving your Braun Büffel items some extra care can go a long way. Like taking them to a reputable bag cleaning service such as ColourWash and Dr. Bags for a thorough cleaning. We highly recommend this before you store your items away for mid to long term. The service may take up to three weeks but the benefits will be worth the time and effort. Plus many professional cleaning companies also provide complimentary paper stuffing that you would need for proper storage (see above).

Careful Usage

While even the most durable leather is subjected to ageing, wear and tear, and colour migration, you can certainly minimise their effects by exercising some care when using your Braun Büffel items.

For a start, avoid carrying excessive weight in your bag as this would over-stretch the leather, stress its structure, or even damage the zipper.

When wearing dark-coloured clothing such as jeans, reduce the contact between the fabric and your bag as humidity can cause the colour dye from your clothing to transfer onto the leather.

If you plan to use leather cleaning cream, test it first on a small inside area. Once you are certain that it is safe to use, apply it on a soft light-coloured cotton cloth, then clean the leather using quick yet gentle strokes.

For supple looking leather, keep it well hydrated. Apply a good leather moisturiser onto your bag with a clean cotton cloth using light circular motions. Again, remember to test the lotion on a small inside area first. Much like our own skin, leather that is well moisturised can resist premature aging and cracking.

Waterproofing is another good form of protection, especially from natural elements such as rain and dust. Such sprays are available in supermarkets and shoe repair stores. Apply lightly and evenly, and we recommend that you do so as soon as you have purchased your Braun Büffel items. Waterproofing can also be performed by professional bag cleaners such as ColourWash and Dr. Bags.

During daily use, simple precautions would generally suffice. For example, keep your pens, make up and liquids in pouches. This reduces the chance of staining caused by unexpected contact or spills.

In the unfortunate event that you do stain the leather, prepare a cleaning mixture using 1-part mild soap and 8-part of water. Then using gentle circular motion, try to remove the stain without applying excessive pressure as this may cause the stain to penetrate deeper into the leather. For dirt, you can consider using an eraser. Naturally, taking the item to a professional bag cleaner immediately might be your best and most effective option.